Charles Conacher

Charles was born around 1766 in the Parish of Logierait a town in Perthshire. The name Logierait comes from the Gaelic words ‘laggan’ (a hollow) and ‘rath’ (fortress). From ancient times its situation beside the great highway from Perth to the north helped to increase its importance. In 1791 its population (in town) was recorded as 200 people, today there are about 60. There were an additional 2000 people listed living in the areas surrounding town. The town starts about 1/2 mile below the junction of the rivers Tay and Tummel.

The Tay is one of the three classic salmon rivers of Scotland ( ) and boasts the UK record salmon catch of 64 lb. ( ) Caught by Miss Georgina Ballantyne at Caputh Bridge in 1922. Trout can also caught from the Tay.  Fishing must have been great back in Charles’ time.  His occupation was listed as a fishing tackle manufacturer and merchant,  the 1841 Census lists his occupation as a “Hook Dresser”.  Back then all flies would have been tied in hand without the aid of a

Hand made salmon flies circa 1800

fly vice. Evidence of artificial fly fishing stems from writings of the Greeks and Romans around 100 AD.  The Greek Aelian describes in detail how flies were made from red wool around a hook and two feathers from below a cock’s wattle fixed in front. From what I have read it looks like the ideal place for this vocation.  Its not clear if he sold fishing tackle under a business name or worked out of his house.  I also do not know if he sold reels and rods in addition to being a fish hook dresser but it was common back then for some makers to supply the reels and rods Blank so the retail outlet could stamp their own name.

On the north-west border of Logerait is the parish of Moulin.  The name Moulin is most likely Celtic and seems to have some reference to the small lake that was close to the church.  The lake was drained about 1720, but remained a marsh for fully 100 years afterwards. Moulin or (Moy-linne) means “the place of the pool”.

Moulin Kirk

Margaret S. Mc Farlane, daughter of John Mc Farlane of Moulin and Charles Conacher married at both Moulin and Logierait in February 1791.  The Moulin Kirk was erected in 1613 andrebuilt in 1830/31 and again in 1875 after a disastrous fire which gutted the building. The first Statistical account, written late in the 18th century tells us that original Moulin Church was enlarged in 1704 and again in 1787  because of the growth of the congregation.  The present Church of Moulin has been closed for public worship since 1989, the current owners have turned it into a museum. ( ). The medieval church at Logierait was replaced in the early 1800’s. There is presumably no reason to doubt that the churchyard was the site of the medieval parish church, and certainly there are a number of memorials that pre-date by several decades the existing church, which was built to the designs of John Stewart in 1804-6. Nothing is known to have survived of the medieval parish church, however.

Charles and Margaret settled in Logierait and had at least 2  children there (Alexander 16 Jan 1792 & John 23 Oct 1793).  It is interesting to note that on the birth and Baptism records the family name is now listed as Connacher (with 2 n’s) (although in the future Charles is is still listed as Conacher on some census records, but the children appear to have adopted Connacher).

Sometime between 1793 and 1803 the family moved to Perth.  During that time it is also suspected that there was another John born in 1796 (who enlisted in the Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards) and Peter (my GG grandfather)  who was born ~1800.  We know this from family lore and references found on the children’s records.  I can not find any birth or baptism record of John (1796) or Peter (~1800).  By 1803 Charles and Margaret have settled in Perth and had 2 more children (Janet 06 Mar 1803 and Margaret 07 May 1808).

In 1841 Charles and Margaret Conacher were listed in the census as living at 129 High Street in Perth. At that time Margaret was listed as living there.  Also present that evening was her future spouse William Forsyth.

I do not know when Charles died, but the family does not turn up in the 1851 census leading me to believe he passed away sometime before then.  Margaret also does not appear in Perth in the 1851 census, she may also have passed away or gone to live with her children.

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    Connacher varients…..Conacher Hagart.

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